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EPDM Roofing Toronto

EPDM means Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer it’s a kind of thermoset membrane. An EPDM roof is really a single-ply rubber membrane, that is around 50mm thick and it is utilized on flat roofs.

EPDM membrane is generally black, although EPDM might have pigments or dyes put into it to really make it lighter, which will help to help keep your building cooler by reflecting the sun’s sun rays.

• Like other rubber roofs, EPDM roofs are extremely lightweight.

• EPDM roofing product is super easy to set up.

• Membrane EPDM is extremely good at keeping a roof water tight.

• Has a really lengthy lifespan.

• EPDM rubber roofs do not need much maintenance.

• It is really a flexible material which may be placed on any kind of roof whatever shape or set it up is.

• When roofs become broken by punctures or tears, they may be patched up easily.

EPDM Canada Installation

The Fully Glued System - EPDM rubber roofing membrane is just stuck towards the deck with EPDM adhesive or water adhesive - no ballast is needed. With this method the patio decking must in good, dry, level condition. Ideal for a brand new flat roof installation

The Robotically Attached System - EPDM roof membrane rubber strips are laid within the underlay developing a power grid. These strips are guaranteed by metal plates and woodscrews. The EPDM roofing membrane is glued straight to this power grid with this seam adhesive and stuck towards the substrate with connecting adhesive. Could be experience a brand new flat roof, or higher a felted flat roof without any water damage and mold.

The Ballasted System - roofing EPDM is included directly over pre-laid geo textile underlay and it is guaranteed with ballast. Ideal for old felt roofs in which the is made of not water broken/rotten.

• Superior weatherability and sturdiness.

• High versatility and elongation.

• EPDM membrane roofing remains flexible at temps lower to -45° C and may elongate over 300% to support building actions and temperature fluctuations.

• Low existence-cycle cost.

• EPDM material requires little if any maintenance.

Safe INSTALLATION - Because installation is really a cold lay technique there's no requirement of any warmth.

OVERLAY = SAVED MONEY - It's not necessary to remove your old roof. EPDM roofing Canada can overlay virtually any roof as long as your homes roof patio decking and joists are seem. This protects serious cash and saves the atmosphere by reduction of debris in the work.

RELIABLE INSTALLATION - Since trained crewmen install our systems you're assured of the reliable installation.